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          4009 688 966

          About Us

          Auto parts precision cutting tool solutions
          Yamada tools is a precision cutting tool manufacturer,specialized in research , development, production and sales , as a leading domestic superhard precision cutting tool enterprise, has high precision and high efficiency solution experts, the products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, precision electronics industry and other precision machining industrys.

          The company will be adhering to the "superhard quality ,delicated service"concept, creating value for customers, in the face of any challenge you encounter, our team will be on your side!


          2015 10.20
          2015 CCTE Chinese Tool Show Preview - Yamada tool Shanghai Yamada Tools is the one of the leader manufacturers who owns the power of R&D、Production, Sales and After-Sales service in domestic precision tool industry. We have the capability to provide tool solution with high precision and efficiency. Our product is widely used in auto industry、aerospace industry、precision electric industry. More
          2015 05.11
          Yamada tools 2015 CIMT wonderful appearance, thank you! On April 25, 2015, Beijing, after six days’ 2015 CIMT, Shanghai Yamada tools co., LTD. took the latest technology and products to the exhibition, we had a communication with a number of visitors, finished successfully. More

          4009 688 966


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